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The 2016 Fellowship Competition

What if I am invited for an interview?

If you are among the 7-9 percent of applicants who are invited for interviews, you will be informed of your designation as a Finalist for the Soros Fellowship Competition in early January, 2015.  You will be invited to participate in one of seven days of finalist interviews.  Those interviews will be held in late January and early February 2015 in Los Angeles and New York City.  You will be expected to attend a dinner honoring you and 10 other finalists the evening before your interview day.  Having a chance to get to know your fellow finalists is typically a highlight of the interview experience. The travel, food, and hotel expenses of finalists will be paid by the program. 

Finalists will have two 30-minute interviews, each with a different group of panelists – typically four or five in each group.    The interviews will be tailored to your individual application and will be designed to elicit more information and insight about the extent to which, and the ways in which, you fulfill the program’s selection criteria.   The program does not use general questions that it asks of all finalists, so most kinds of preparation turn out not to be very helpful, though you will want to have reflected on aspects of your own story as a New American, your significant accomplishments, and your personal academic goals and plans.

If you are selected as a finalist, you will be notified several weeks following your interviews as to whether or not you were selected to be offered a Fellowship – contingent on your acceptance in a graduate degree program.    That notification will be made promptly after the Board of Trustees meets in late February to make the final determination of Fellows.