About Brian Goh

Brian was born in Baton Rouge to parents who emigrated from Malaysia.

In 2009, Brian graduated from Louisiana State University as a biochemistry major, earning a perfect 4.0 GPA and election to Phi Beta Kappa. He received a Goldwater scholarship, a Howard Hughes Institute research award, and was named by USA Today to the 2009 All-USA College Academic First Team.

Brian's research has focused on the evaluation of genes encoding common circadian regulatory proteins, and on the use of stem cells in tissue engineering applications. The co-author of eleven journal publications, his recent research focuses on manipulating adult stem cells for cardiac and bone tissue regeneration. He is exploring the possibility of engineering solutions to tissue deficits caused by congenital defects or following injury.

Brian was a founding member of Charm City Clinic, the first health access partnership started by Johns Hopkins medical students. He is also an avid cyclist.


  • BS in Biochemistry, Louisiana State University and A&M College
  • MD, Johns Hopkins University
  • PhD in Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

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