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Dr. Carlos Estrada Alamo, a dedicated advocate for healthcare equity and a compassionate general anesthesiologist, has navigated a remarkable journey shaped by a profound understanding of the challenges faced by vulnerable populations within the U.S. healthcare system.

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Carlos moved to the United States with his parents at the age of five, witnessing the struggles of a poor, multi-ethnic community and recognizing the barriers hindering immigrants' progress in society. Motivated to address these issues, he embarked on a path of exploration into healthcare delivery dynamics.

During high school, he volunteered in the Emergency Room at Seattle's Harborview Medical Center, where he actively assisted the trauma team. Inspired by their passion and dedication, he committed himself to a future in medical care and management.

As an undergraduate at the University of Washington, Carlos pursued degrees in bioengineering and biochemistry while concurrently working as a Medical Assistant in the Emergency Room at Harborview Medical Center. His commitment to making a positive impact in healthcare was evident in his senior bioengineering capstone project, where he contributed to the development of a novel HIV diagnostic system for the developing world.

The pursuit of knowledge and change led Carlos to Harvard Medical School, where he co-chaired the Latino Medical Student Association and earned his MD degree. Recognizing the need for a broader perspective in healthcare management, he adeptly pursued a dual-degree, combining his medical degree with an MBA, with a specific focus on understanding healthcare dynamics.

Currently serving as a general anesthesiologist at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, Carlos remains devoted to advancing the welfare of vulnerable communities. His expertise in clinical intelligence, healthcare informatics, and operations management emphasizes his dedication to utilizing advanced technologies for the improvement of healthcare outcomes.

Guided by principles of empathy, humility, and authenticity, Dr. Carlos Estrada Alamo sees a future in hospital leadership. Beyond his professional endeavors, he actively mentors undocumented students interested in STEM careers, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to empowering the next generation and fostering positive change in the healthcare landscape. Dr. Carlos Estrada Alamo stands as a beacon of inspiration, combining a rich tapestry of experiences to drive meaningful advancements in healthcare equity.


  • BS in Bioengineering & Biochemistry, University of Washington
  • MD in Medicine, Harvard University
  • MBA in Business, Harvard University

Professional Fields

Work History

  • Chief Resident in Quality and Patient Safety, Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care, University of Pennsylvania Health System
  • General Anesthesiologist, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

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