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DR. MOHAMAD HALAWI is presently a resident in orthopaedic surgery at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina.

Mohamad was born in Lebanon and came to the United States on his own in 2000. He is a naturalized US citizen.

Mohamad completed his MD at Duke University. He graduated in 2005 from the University of Houston, summa cum laude, in biochemical and biophysical sciences. On graduation, he received a fellowship award at the NIH, training in the field of genomics.

Mohamad is a co-author in two journal publications arising from that work. He is a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, American Association for Cancer Research Thomas J. Bardos Scholar, and Merage Foundation for the American Dream Fellow. In 2005, he was named Golden Key's International Student Leader of the Year.

Mohamad plans a career in academic medicine, developing novel genomics-based therapeutics for musculoskeletal disorders and solid tumors while integrating these innovations into public policy.


  • BS in Biochemistry, University of Houston
  • MD in Medicine, Duke University

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