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SHAH R. ALI is a Cardiology Fellow at UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX. As a medical student at Stanford University, Shah was working in the lab of Irving Weissman, where he was studying cardiogenesis using embryonic stem cells.

Shah came to this country from Pakistan at the age of 10. He quickly adapted to life in New Jersey and excelled in math and science: he spent two summers doing research in chemistry at New York University.

Shah graduated summa cum laude in three years from the Honors College at the Newark campus of Rutgers University, where he spent additional years on a nanotechnology project to detect dopamine for potential diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. His work led to several first- and second-author publications in Journal of the American Chemical Society and Analytical Chemistry, among others.

Shah has recently become interested in neglected tropical diseases: in addition to helping organize a conference at Stanford Law School on access and drug development for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), he is leading the Stanford chapter of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and a related lecture series. He has also interned at the Institute for OneWorld Health. He hopes to dedicate his career to drug development for NTDs.


  • BA in Chemistry, Rutgers University
  • MD in Medicine, Stanford University

Professional Fields

Work History

  • Cardiology Fellow, UT Southwestern in Dallas, TX

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